Bringing together the leading experts within the food industry

Our key speakers come from some of the largest companies to share their best practices, regulations, and techniques. Over two days they will share case studies and their valuable expertise on food safety, quality, and manufacturing practices.

You'll have the opportunity to...

We've got speakers from all corners of the industry, from regulatory offices to end-consumer manufacturers. Listen to sessions from executives from Mondelez, Kraft Heinz, Barilla, Nestle, and more.

You can choose from several content streams in the agenda that cover all relevant bits of the industry: Compliance, Safety, Food Supply Chain, Manufacturing & Operations, Technology, and Quality. Tailor your day to your interests.

We all like to get together with like-minded people who might have found a solution to a problem you're facing and can tell you how. More than 150 food safety & quality professionals attend the Summit every year, so there'll be plenty of new connections to make.

In the exhibition hall you'll be able to choose who to approach at what booth, staying in control of your day without being accosted.

An excellent chance to sit back and relax with all your new connections after a day of learning and talking shop. And with free drinks, to boot.